• Leanne Allison

Losing Blue will wait another year..

We made the tough decision to postpone our shoot for the NFB short film Losing Blue until next summer as the smoke from British Columbia fires seems to have settled in for the long haul here in the Canadian Rockies.

Writer J.B. Mackinnon and I had a chance to reconnect with limnologists Janet Fischer and Mark Olson yesterday at Lake O'Hara. We spoke at length about how this is a summer of reckoning. Climate change isn't coming, it's here. You feel this especially in these high alpine environments where there is nowhere for species to go as their world heats up.

I recently heard a quote from Margret Atwood that 'climate change is everything change'. This means there is no going back to normal because normal doesn't exist anymore. I'll be holding on to the feelings I had at Lake O'Hara yesterday as we go into Municipal and Federal elections this Fall. If there was ever a time to engage-it's now.

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