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The foundation of our film work lies in the two-feature-length documentaries of our Necessary Journeys (Being Caribou and Finding Farley). However Leanne has recently worked on a number of interactive (Bear 71) and web-based video projects and is available for hire.

Interactive Documentary

Conservation Shorts

Finding FarleyFinding Farley

Finding Farley (62min) is a National Film Board of Canada production directed by Leanne Allison and written by Karsten Heuer. The film is about a cross-Canada family journey by canoe, train, and sailboat following the literary footsteps of one of Canada's most celebrated authors- Farley Mowat.

Purchase the film at: http://www.nfb.ca/store

Being CaribouBeing Caribou

Being Caribou ((72 minutes) is a National Film Board of Canada production written and directed by Leanne Allison and Diana Wilson. It has been broadcast on Canadian National television (CBC's The Nature of Things) and across the US on The Documentary Channel and LinkTV. Composed of footage shot by Leanne during the epic 1,500-km-long trip, it seamlessly weaves stunning close-ups of the caribou migration with the intimate video diaries of the two people following this endangered herd.

"Being Caribou records an amazing odyssey of a remarkable couple. It is a record of sheer courage, stamina, and stubbornness – to find and follow on foot North America's counterpart to Africa's wildebeest migration."
- David Suzuki

The National Film Board of Canada has now released a bilingual version of Being Caribou and have a study guide available free on-line for teachers.



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Bear 71Bear 71

Bear 71 is a web-based interactive documentary about an ill-fated grizzly looking back on her life. For over ten years she made a living in Alberta’s Bow Valley, the most developed place in the world where grizzly bears still exist.

View Bear 71 Now


Living with Wildlife

The Bow Valley of AB, Canada is the busiest place in the world where people and grizzly bears still coexist. 'Living with Wildlife' is a 25 minute documentary that tells the hopeful story of how communities in the Bow Valley have come together over the past 20 years in order to coexist with grizzly bears and other wildlife.


Sharing the Range

It's a little know fact that grizzly bears evolved on the prairies. For the first time in over 100 years grizzly bears are returning, and even denning, hundreds of kilometres out on the prairies. 'Sharing the Range' looks at this unfolding story from the perspective of Southern Alberta ranchers who are learning to live grizzly bears for the first time.

Highway WildingHighway Wilding

Build them and they will live. That is the simple message in this short documentary that looks at the issue of highways, and some of the pioneering solutions that exist to prevent road kill and reconnect landscapes across highways. In the Rocky Mountains we have one of the last best chances in the world to maintain a fully functioning mountain ecosystem, but roads are a huge problem. Everything from grizzly bears to wolverines and ducks to salamanders need to get across roads safely to meet their life needs. After seeing this film you’ll never drive down a highway the same way again.

Watch the 22-min Highway Wilding film:

Bat Blitz

This short video is about the first every Bio Blitz on Bats in BC's Flathead River Valley.

Yellowstone to Yukon: 20 Years Strong

This short video is a great primer on the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative and it shows what this grand vision looks like on the ground.



"If you want to get incredible inspiration, skills, and hands on documentary filmmaking experience QUICK there is no better place than the Gulf Island Film and Television School. This was literally the only film training I had before we set out on our trip with the caribou. The top notch instructors at GIFTS make you believe you can create your own film after just one week at the school- and you can!"
Leanne Allison - co-director of Being Caribou