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Finding Farley Timeline

Our departure date from Canmore, Alberta is the only date we know for certain (May 1st, 2007). Headwinds, unknown rapids, portages, weather, and the unforeseen challenges of traveling with a two-and-a-half-year-old mean the schedule for Finding Farley will be almost as loose as it was when caribou determined our every move. We are hopeful, however, that the journey will closely follow the proposed timeline below (relevant Farley Mowat book titles are displayed in italics).  

Early May 2007

Karsten, Leanne, their 2 1/2 -year-old son, Zev, and their dog will leave their house from their back door in Canmore, Alberta. They will carry their canoe two blocks to the Bow River and launch the expedition. Three weeks (and many rapids and portages later) the last Rocky Mountain foothills will fade behind them as they enter the prairies.

Mid June 2007

Six weeks into the trip, they arrive in Saskatoon via the deep coulees of the Saskatchewan River (Owls in the Family, Born Naked, Dog Who Wouldn’t Be).

Early July 2007

The journey enters the mixed aspen parkland and coniferous forests of northern Saskatchewan around Cumberland House and, using the fur trade portage routes of centuries before, proceeds north to Reindeer Lake.

July, August 2007

Joined by at least one other team of canoeists, Karsten, Leanne and Zev will line, paddle, pole and portage through the sparsely inhabited country north of Reindeer Lake to the edge of the barrenlands at Nueltin Lake (People of the Deer, The Desperate People, Never Cry Wolf, Lost in the Barrens, Walking on the Land) and into Nunavut via the Thlewazia River (No Man’s River).

Late August,
early Sept 2007

Four months after leaving their Canmore home the family will arrive at the Hudson Bay community of Arviat (Eskimo Point). From there they’ll hopefully catch a ride on a supply ship through Hudson Strait and down the coast of Labrador (Serpent’s Coil, Grey Seas Under, Sea of Slaughter).

Sept 2007

After getting dropped off in northern Newfoundland, the pilgrims will hire a boat and skipper and sail down the rocky, fjord-filled west coast of Newfoundland, stopping at various outport communities along the way (Boat Who Wouldn’t Float, Whale for the Killing, Bay of Spirits).

Early Oct 2007

After almost six months of travel the weary family will finally arrive on Cape Breton Island and walk the few remaining miles to Farley’s back door.