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Canada Council for the Arts

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts which last year invested $20.1 million in writing and publishing throughout Canada.

North Water Designs is a Vancouver-based company who manufactures a variety of paddling accessories, from throwbags to PFD’s to spraydecks. They are providing a spraydeck for Leanne and Karsten’s canoe, complete with roll-back hatches for accessing gear, portaging the canoe, and accommodating the dog and kid.

Maptown is a Calgary-based cartography shop, specializing in hard-to-get maps.  Their products will not only help us navigate across the country, but through Farley’s stories as well.  



A small grant from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society will be applied toward the cost of hiring a sailboat to sail down the west coast of Newfoundland, revisiting the settings of The Boat Who Wouldn't Float, Whale for the Killing, and Bay of Spirits along the way.

Mountain Equipment Coop

After supporting the Y2Y Hike and Being Caribou with grants from their Environment Fund, Mountain Equipment Co-op is outfitting Leanne, Karsten and Zev with clothing and equipment for Finding Farley.  MEC’s kid’s clothing designers are especially excited about the arrangement: Zev will be the first two-and-a-half-year-old to put their products through 6 months of steady outdoor use. We hope the bug shirt works and the rainsuit doesn’t leak!


NovaCraft is an Ontario-based canoe manufacturer. Their 18-foot Prospector model in a Royalex Lite layup will provide the perfect combination of good durability, lightness, performance in rapids and big lake crossings, and room for the family and dog.